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 PayMaster The “All-in-One” Self-Serve Control System

Standard Features
The PayMaster system was designed as a central pay station for the self serve market. It not only takes credit/fleet cards, but doubles as a duel bill changer to save valuable wall space. Using a card, you can select "flex" time for a pin number code or have the option to dispense tokens. Your customer can add value to their fleet/VIP cards at the PayMaster. You can dispense change or your customer can buy the flex code with cash. If they don't use up all the time, they can even get change back.
  • Bill acceptance with change making
  • Ultrasonic sensor
  • Voice response with up to 80 programmable messages
  • Microphone for on-site message programming
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and optical isolator to
    protect against lightning, power surges and brownouts
  • Four-line by twenty character back lit LCD screen
  • Receipt printer and card swipe
  • Shift, day, week, month and period report capability
  • Built-in temperature control for all-weather use
  • Universal interface for activation of any wash equipment
  • Stainless steel cabinet with high-security locks and fiberglass face
  • 50’ of cable (per keypad)
Optional Features
The following is a list of options to provide your system with additional convenient payment and/or operational features:
  • BayMaster line of meter boxes
  • Bay Activation Keypads / Card Reader
  • Vacuum Activation Keypads / Card Reader
  • Electronic Coin Monitoring (minimum of 5 connections)
  • Fleet Card Packages
  • Credit Card Capability
  • Remote Point of Sale (POS)
    • Remote accounting package
    • Paging
    • 3 to 7 digit code activation with 25,000 code list
    • 500 Fleet Code capability
    • Dual Language
    • Built-in modem
  • Point-of-Sale (POS) Card Swipe
  • Electronic Vending Unit
  • Full Enhancement Colors
Above features and specifications subject to change without notice.

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